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Julie Lovegrove

A hugely successful wedding and portrait photographer, Julie has always had a hankering to travel to exotic and far flung places, and ‘do something’ with wild animals. It was the film ‘Born Free’ that grabbed her imagination all those years ago.  Ever since then she wanted to go to Africa.

In 2010, Julie enrolled on a volunteering programme in Africa which quite literally changed her life. Julie embarked on more and more volunteering programmes and even started working abroad teaching photography for months at a time. Julie has used the knowledge and experience gained over the last 8 years and is now running photographic holidays shooting landscapes and wildlife.

“Julie has the patience of a saint. Nothing is too much trouble and no question disregarded. She made everyone feel welcome and nobody ever felt ‘less’ because of a lack of experience or knowledge.”  Gordon.

“Julie is the best mentor in photography I ever had the pleasure to encounter” Till.