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“Your knowledge about lightning techniques is outstanding. My most fun and in depth learning experience so far.” Fabian

“The workshop was fab. Damien has such a generous spirit and it was a joy to see him work.” Michele

“A great time, lots of fun & laughs, the locations were brilliant.” David M

“You’ve outdone yourselves! Thank you all, it’s been a trip to remember.” Lee

“To me the success of any seminar I attend is how inspired I am after the event – and as always Damien never fails to inspire.” Ronnie

“I must say, I am amazed… The advice you gave me on your workshop has made an immediate positive affect. I’m now seeing (and creating) images where I didn’t see them before.” Peter

“The 1:1 workshop with Damien was the best that I ever had, and the images that I captured are also the best in my portfolio. Without a doubt, Damien is the best boudoir photographer in the world.” Gilbert

“What an event this was! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to push their own boundaries to the next level and create something amazing for their portfolio.” Radmila

“Great images .. Great presentation .. Great company!! This was photography and fun combined.” Steven

“What can I say but thank you so much for another mind blowing experience. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet some fantastic new ones.” Lee